Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Ayurvedic remmedies for Kidney Damage

The kidneys have essential work to perform in the body and these are :

  •  Regulation of the volume of the body liquids

  •  Disposal of inorganic particles

  • Upkeep of suitable plasma centralization of non-electrolytes, for example, glucose and urea
  • Upholding electrolyte adjust by H+ and OH- particles and accordingly adidity or alkalinity of the blood
  • Disposal of waste items particularly the nitrogen and sulphur holding substances and also the poisonous substances (e.g. drugs) which have entered the figure
  • Maintenance of substances key to form economy. These likewise have some more capacities. Significant sicknesses or Kidney issue are Anuria or oliguria (complete to discontinuance or less creation of pee), polyuria (continuous entry of little amounts of pee), aberrant in pee (e.g. blood, discharge and so forth.), Nephritis, pyelitis (inflamanation of the parenchyma & pelvis of the Kidney) uraemia (i.e. renal disappointment creating maintenance of atypical of urea in the blood), renal colic because of math or such other condition, Dysuria (painfull entry of pee).

A basic Urine test for Albumin and a Blood test for Serum Creatinine. The expanded level of Albumin and Serum Creatinine will tell if the kidneys are getting effected. Different manifestations which demonstrate kidney issues are: High Blood Pressure, Decreased Hoemoglobin and High Blood Urea.

Reason for Kidney Damage :

Fundamentally human health tragedies could be ascribed to 

             Anomalies anatomical and physiological level,
             Connection or anxiety of biotic elements (different in fections),
             Abiotic anxiety which incorporates Ahar, Vihar and Achar,
             Mental irregularity because of predominence of tamsik and rajsik bhavas as opposed to Sattvik 

             Simple passage of microvita owing to suitability of mental and physical figures.

Also above another extent is included by antagonistic reactions of advanced allopathic solutions. Most likely this is because of regulating dynamic parts in immaculate structure. This absolutely gives snappy activity however in the meantime harms the framework in different ways. The unrefined pharmaceutical arrangement of Ayurveda permits the human framework to absorb the dynamic part and additionally some identified mixes in a regular manner and accordingly maintains a strategic distance from any such awful consequences for the framework. One of the strong reason for expanding rates of kidney issue, today, is the symptoms of up to date medications or wrong solution or over measurements in certain cases. 

Ayurvedic remmedies for Kidney Damage

Ayurvedic Care & Cure - Ayurveda furnishes the best medicines. Ayurveda embraces three methodologies to handle a human disease. These are 
  1.  toning up the frail real framework
  2.  anticipation of turmoil, and 
  3. Treating the issue or malady through pharmaceuticals or surgery.
Of service herbs are: 
 Tree grown foods:
             Dry tree grown foods : Pistachio, almonds and chilgoja are handy to tone up feeble kidneys,
             Crisp products of the soil: Mango is advantageous to uproot shortcoming of Kidneys. New pine fruit 60 g every day is advantageous for the cure of Kidney stone. 
             coconut water is exceptionally efficacous in urinary inconveniences.
             banana (Musa sepientum) : Take a banana products of the soil ml juice of amla with sugar cures urinary and spleen inconveniences.
             bel : Take new mash of ready bel (Aegle marmelos L.) and blend with water, add some milk and sugar to it, drink in the wake of straining. This will mitigate maintenance of pee in a matter of moments.
             grape (Vitis vinifera): Take three raisins and uproot their seeds then encase one dark pepper in each of them. These ought to be set aside at sleepy time for a couple of days constantly to cure strangury (pee by drops).


             Leafy : Punarnava (Borhavia diffusa), Palak (Spinacia oleracea L), Corchorus capsularis L., (calsak), Patua sak (Corchorus olitorius L.), Portulacar oleracea L. (Kulfa or Lona Sag), chuka (Rumex vesicarius L.), Ramdana (Amaranthus caudatus L.).
             Fruits: Sanke cucumber (Cucumis utilissimus Roxb.) Seeds are adequate in curing urinary and kidney ailments. Pumpkin (Cucurbita moschaxa L.) : Pulp is somewhat warmed in the wake of squashing and after that connected to alleviate tormenting kidney issues. Also seeds of Cucumis melo Linn. (Muskmelon or Kharbuja) and Kheera (Cucumis sativus Linn.) are useful in urinary inconveniences. Water melon (Tarbuj) soil grown foods juice with kalmisora and sugar put overnight in glass tumbler in the moonlit night and taken first in the morning for in the vicinity of 7 days. It is extremely useful in urinary issues. Lauki (water gourd): Juice & mash with Kalmisora extremely solid in mitigating kidney and urinary inconveniences.

                 Root vegetables:

1. Carrot (Daucus carota L.) foods grown from the ground juice cures kidney inconveniences.
2. Radish (Raphanus sativus L.): Leaves & little estimated roots are useful to impact cure.
3. Alocasia indica (Roxb.) Schott. Mankand utilization of corms is gainful as vegetable.
4. Onion (Allium cepa L.) juice of knob is gainful.

 Flowers of red assortment of Moringa i.e. Sahanjan is excee