Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Use Ragi for Weight loss

There are many Weight loss tips you can get from various resources like internet, books, magazines even from friends but which tips do you actually use in daily life. Use of Ragi in daily life can help you without making u feel less energetic.

Because of high fiber in ragi makes digestion nicely and slowly hence your stomach is full for long time and you wont feel hungry and if you can easily avoid eating excess food. You will surely become healthy and fit and light weight.

It is full of calcium that's why it can be a good substitute for milk. Milk can make u fat but because of calcium in milk we mostly drink it for healthy bones. 

Ragi also helpfull if u have cholesterol problems like High cholesterol then Ragi is the best food to lower the cholesterol level in your body

Obviously  the Exercise is must for fitness but to do exercise you need proper diet for your bone and body so you wont become ill or weak physically.

It is very obvious that Ragi has many health benefits and still very less awareness about it.